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Dronica is a 2-piece experimental, psychedelic, avant garde, ambient-noise, drone project formed by guitarist Emma-O (Pantychrist, Slander) and accordion player Jaroslaw Czerwinec (Cowboy Junkies, Gord Downie, Ryan Adams).


Dronica's music is like a rusty chainsaw over a blackboard on a rocketship to a distant galaxy, where Jimi Hendrix, Syd Barrett and Johnny Ramone await to join in on the jam.


Dronica's music is an all-improvised, aural cosmic assault that leaves audiences feeling out-of-this world. Screeching feedback blasts the listener out of their lulled consciousness, while wailing acccordion carries them over waves of sonic mayhem.


Once the chaotic crescendo has peaked, the wave recedes and once again, the participant is gently brought back to Earth, all three eyes wide open, and brain barriers shredded.

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